How Can You Get Rid of Spiders Outside?


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To eliminate outdoor spiders, keep the lawn well-maintained and free of debris and remove visible spider webs and egg sacks on a regular basis. Pesticides and diatomaceous earth can be used to kill spiders.

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It is necessary to maintain the property to reduce populations of outdoors spiders. Keep lawns trimmed and keep the area surrounding the home free of debris, such as dead leaves. Remove weeds and other densely packed groups of plants on the property and keep items, such as firewood, off the ground whenever possible. Garages, sheds and other outdoor spaces should be kept clutter-free to eliminate spiders on the property.

It is also necessary to remove webs and any visible egg sacks frequently. Sweep the webs away from the foundation of the home, or use a high-pressure sprayer to remove the webs. If possible, turn outdoor lights off or use yellow light bulbs outdoors to prevent pests that spiders feed on.

Spiders are killed when sprayed directly with pesticide. Choose a pesticide that is specifically designed to kill spiders and that is recommended for use on lawns. Food-grade diatomaceous earth also kills spiders. Sprinkle the diatomaceous earth in areas where spiders are abundant, and reapply it after heavy rain. In some cases, outdoor spiders are beneficial and should not be killed. Spiders are a form of biological pest control because the arachnids kill pests that damage lawns and gardens.

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