How Can You Get Rid of Rabbits Eating Flowers?


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Preventing rabbits from eating outdoor flowers is best done by using fences, applying scents and substances that rabbits find repellent and providing extra plants to give the animals something to eat in hopes they ignore prized plants. It is also helpful to remove thickets and piles of brush, in which rabbits are apt to hide when frightened. This prevents them from lingering in a garden.

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Try placing a chicken wire fence a minimum of 2 feet tall, and buried at least 2 inches deep, around flowers and other plants to protect them from invasive rabbits. Another option is purchasing a spray containing fox urine from a garden store and applying it to the flowers. Sprinkling chili pepper flakes on the plants can help to dissuade rabbits from approaching.

Another option is to learn to coexist with rabbits. They represent a consistent part of the ecosystem and could be embraced. One way to do this is to plant rabbits' favorite foods in a spot far from flowers. Rabbits tend to prefer alfalfa and clover in particular. Plant plenty of one or both of these in one corner of a yard, and then add fencing around flowers located in another portion of the yard.

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