How Can I Get Rid of Mosquitoes in My House?

According to BoldSky, the safest method of getting rid of mosquitoes from inside the house is to utilize natural repellents, such as coconut husks, camphor and kerosene. Discover Neem states that neem may be used to naturally repel mosquitoes. Although effective, chemical mosquito repellents may irritate the skin and eyes and even cause severe respiratory problems. Additionally, these repellents may be significantly harmful to those with allergies.

The smoke produced from burning coconut husks, also known as coir, is effective in repelling mosquitoes. Cut the coir into small pieces, and place in a small, flame-resistant container. Ignite the coir using a match or lighter.

Camphor may be burned or diluted in water to help rid a home of mosquitoes. To burn, place camphor cubes into a flame-resistant container and ignite. Its high combustibility allows for fast burning, which helps repel mosquitoes more quickly. To dilute, place camphor cubes in a small bowl filled with water. For larger rooms, slightly crush the camphor before diluting. Repeat the process every two days.

Kerosene lamps may be used inside the home to get rid of mosquitoes. A 1996 field trial by the Malaria Research Center of Delhi found that kerosene lamps with 1 percent neem oil kept mosquitoes out of living rooms and reduced malaria incidents dramatically.