How Can You Get Rid of a Mold Smell?

How Can You Get Rid of a Mold Smell?

How Can You Get Rid of a Mold Smell?

To get rid of the smell of mold, you must first locate the origin of the smell. Throw out items that hold mildew spores, such as cardboard, paper and old fabrics and upholstered furniture, and thoroughly wash the area using a water and bleach solution. Leave an open baking soda box in the area to eliminate any leftover smell, and use a dehumidifier to prevent moisture from collecting in the air and creating more mildew.

  1. Clean thoroughly

    Find the origin of the mold smell, and throw out any papers, cardboard, fabrics or old furniture covered in mildew. Clean the entire mold-infected area vigorously using a solution of bleach and water. Allow the area to air dry, opening as many windows as possible to improve ventilation.

  2. Use baking soda to help absorb the odor

    Baking soda does a great job of removing the smell of mold. Open boxes of baking soda, and leave them out in any rooms that smell. Replace each baking soda box every two or three months.

  3. Use a dehumidifier to prevent excess moisture

    Too much moisture in the air can cause mold. Keep a working dehumidifier to reduce moisture in areas of your home that are prone to mold smells.