How Can You Get Rid of Fire Ants?


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To treat fire ant infestations, apply a slow-acting pesticide bait to the property, and treat each ant mound with a fast-acting pesticide or boiling water to reduce the ant populations. Ant control techniques can take several weeks to eliminate a colony.

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  1. Apply the baits

    Apply granule-type fire ant baits using a handheld spreader. Apply the baits during early evening or whenever the fire ants are foraging, and then sprinkle 1 to 2 gallons of boiling water on the mound without disturbing it. Make sure the product is fresh and the ground is dry before applying the baits.

  2. Treat each individual mound

    Treat each fire ant mound with a liquid or dust pesticide to quickly eliminate large numbers of ants. To treat a mound without using pesticides, pour 2 to 3 gallons of boiling water over it. Boiling water is less effective than pesticides and may cause damage to the surrounding vegetation.

  3. Apply maintenance products

    Apply granular baits every six months if fire ant infestations persist or once annually as a preventative technique. Limit the use of powder or dust pesticides to the amount recommended on the product packaging. Use boiling water whenever new fire ant mounds occur on the property.

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