Can You Get Rid of All of the Dust Mites in Your House?


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Although completely ridding your home of dust mites is not possible, their numbers can be controlled through careful cleaning and the control of temperature and humidity. These actions can greatly lower dust mite populations, reducing the risk of averse reactions in people prone to dust mite allergies.

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Can You Get Rid of All of the Dust Mites in Your House?
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The tiny arachnids known as dust mites are common in most households. Too small to be seen without magnification, dust mites eat dander, dead skin cells and other particles found in dust. In people with allergies, dust mite infestations can trigger symptoms like congestion, coughing and sinus pain. Steps to control dust mite populations include frequent vacuuming, regular laundering of bedding in hot water and the use of dehumidifiers and air conditioners.

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