How Can You Get Rid of Dead Rodent Odors From Walls?

The most effective way to eliminate dead rodent odors from walls is to remove the rodent carcass. In cases where this is not possible, the odor naturally dissipates over time as the body decomposes.

Odors take up to two weeks to dissipate after removing dead rodents. The pest control company Orkin recommends using natural ventilation, fans, deodorizers and air fresheners to lessen the odor until it fades naturally.

Wear gloves and respirators when removing dead rodents, and discard clothing worn during the removal. . These protective measures prevent the spread of rodent-borne diseases. In cases when removing dead rodents cannot be done safely or would cause structural damage to the wall, contact a professional contractor.

After removing dead rodents, cleaning products such as bleach, baking soda and enzymatic cleaners are effective at minimizing the remaining mess and odor. Enzymatic cleaners are the most effective at removing odors, while bleach is the most effective at disinfecting the surface. Always follow the label directions when using cleaning chemicals.

Temperature, humidity and ventilation all contribute to odors. Higher temperatures, higher relative humidity and poor ventilation increase the strength and persistence of decomposition odors. Air conditioners and dehumidifiers make these odors less noticeable by cooling, drying and circulating the air.