How Can You Get Rid of Clutter?

To get rid of clutter, throw out all the items you haven't used in a while and aren't going to use in the near future. Go through the clothes, and put everything that you don't wear into a separate pile. Sort all the magazines and papers that are laying around, throw away or recycle the stuff you don't need, and organize everything else into folders. While cleaning, put everything that you don't know where to put into a sorting pile.

To deal with the sorting pile, separate it from all the other things, and put it somewhere where you can see all the items and have an easy access to them. Examine each object, and figure out how much you like it, how often you use it and whether you are emotionally attached to it. Take out all the things that you love or use frequently, and find an efficient way of organizing them, for example, buy a shoe organizer for shoes. Place all the items that you use several times a month into clear storage containers, label them, and store them in a closet or garage. Throw away or donate the items you haven't used in over six months.

Getting rid of clutter usually takes several days, and it is important not to give up once you have started. If you find it difficult to get rid of things, ask a friend to help you make the tough decisions.