How Can You Get Rid of Bats in Winter?


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To get rid of bats in winter, identify the exterior areas where the bats enter and leave the house and cover them with bat screening, leaving the bottoms open. Wait for the bats to evacuate their roosting place and then secure the bottoms of the screening.

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Normally, bats enter a home via the gables and vents in the attic, particularly if the screening on the vent has worn out. To block repeated entry of the bats, block all the entry points using bat screening. This screening is made with a flexible material that does not wear out even when exposed to the sun's ultraviolet rays.

To fix the bat screening, staple it over the edges of the opening. Do not staple the bottom edges of the screens. This creates a one-way door for the bats, which the mammals can use to exit, but not to enter again. Alternatively, leave one or two of the entry points completely open for the bats to fly out.

Wait for a few weeks for the all the bats to evacuate. It may take a few weeks or even months for all the bats to leave during winter, as the mammals are less active during these months. Once you are certain that no bats remain inside, remove the one-way doors by securing the bottoms of the bat screens. Check that the screens on all the entry points are intact.

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