How Can You Revive an Orchid?


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To revive an orchid, place the flower pot under a faucet and drench the plant medium until it looks soaked. After drenching, prepare fresh potting medium in a larger pot, re-pot the orchid when the roots are more pliable then fertilize the orchid with a quarter of the recommended dose of orchid fertilizer. Place the orchid where it can receive indirect sunlight all day.

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How Can You Revive an Orchid?
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Orchids are hardy plants with a unique life cycle. Unlike other common houseplants that remain green and look healthy throughout the year, orchids are more like perennial bulbs and flowers. Just like other flowering plants; they have to replenish their food stores between blooms. After blooming, the large, showy flowers fall of the stem, which then becomes shriveled. The leaves also lose their deep green color and bright luster and take on a dull, faded appearance. This is a natural process in the life cycle of an orchid plant called dormancy. The dormancy period allows the orchid bud to rest, absorb water and nutrients to replenish energy before blooming again. Re-hydrating, re-potting, fertilizing and providing the appropriate amount of light speed up the dormancy period, but the plant must have well-developed roots before re-potting to increase the chances of revival.

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