How Can I Revive Dead Grass?

How Can I Revive Dead Grass?

It takes several steps if you plan to restore the green beauty of your lawn. You need to perform a soil test, aerate the soil, fertilize your lawn, water the grass and eliminate thatch.

  1. Test your soil

    Test the soil of your lawn to determine why your grass is struggling. This test lets you learn the health and the pH of your soil. The type of fertilizer you need to use depends on the outcome of this test.

  2. Aerate the soil

    Aerate your lawn using an aerator machine. The four hollow pipes in this machine punch holes in the soil, helping to brake up thatch. It also allows oxygen to circulate to the roots.

  3. Fertilize your lawn

    Fertilize your lawn using the fertilizer suggested in the soil test. Use a nitrogen-based fertilizer for the best results.

  4. Water the grass

    Water the grass, giving it 1 inch per week until it revives. Water it slowly and first thing in the morning for the best results.

  5. Eliminate thatch

    Thatch occurs when dead plant material collects in the soil. It suppresses healthy grass and causes browning in the lawn. Using a power rake, loosen up the thatch. Repeat this process in several directions.