Where Can You Find Reviews of Whirlpool Dryers?

Where Can You Find Reviews of Whirlpool Dryers?

Professional reviews are available on CNET.com as well as the Good Housekeeping website. Viewpoints.com offers consumer reviews. Consumer reviews are also available through store websites and Whirlpool's website.

As of 2015, CNET.com features professional reviews of specific Whirlpool dryers. For instance, the site wrote a review of the Whirlpool Smart Front Load Electric Dryer with 6th Sense Live technology. The review includes pricing, drying features, programs and options, and a review of the features and options.

Good Housekeeping Magazine has a research institute responsible for testing and reviewing appliances, including Whirlpool dryers. When testing dryers, the testers try to recreate home situations. They time dryers' capabilities for handling standard loads as well as bulky loads, such as those containing blankets or sleeping bags. Testers time the cycles and also measure the dryer's efficacy. Researchers also look at dryers' abilities to de-wrinkle clothing or keep items from twisting. Good Housekeeping's reviews of Whirlpool dryers include pros and cons, analysis and an overall grade.

Viewpoints.com features only consumer reviews. Consumers give the Whirlpool dryer a star rating and describe their rationale for the rating. Visitors to the website can view specific dryer models or filter results according to the brand only.

Best Buy's website features user reviews for the Whirlpool dryers it sells. The Whirlpool website also publishes user reviews.