Where Can You Find Reviews of the Best Washing Machines?

Where Can You Find Reviews of the Best Washing Machines?

ConsumerReports.org and CNET.com are good places to read washing machine reviews. Both websites offer descriptions of different types of washing machines and show the corresponding customer reviews.

ConsumerSearch.com also offers a list of the best washing machines based on expert and user reviews

ConsumerReports.org provides in-depth information about top-rated washing machines, including energy-efficient machines, top loaders and front loaders. It includes ratings and reviews from customers who purchased and used those machines.

CNET has a full page of ratings and reviews, though users need to click on another page to see more information about each washing machine. The reviews page lists the most recent reviews first, allowing users to see new washing machines reviewed first. There are a variety of short and in-depth reviews.

ConsumerSearch aggregates reviews from both experts and users, and creates a list of the best products based on your needs and budget. They include top loaders, front loaders, high capacity, and budget picks.