Where Can You Find Reviews on the Top Five Microwaves?

Where Can You Find Reviews on the Top Five Microwaves?

Reviews of the top five microwave ovens are available at BestReviews.com. This website offers non-biased reviews that are conducted by researchers and writers for thousands of online products. As of 2015, the top five microwave ovens include the Panasonic 1200W countertop, the Breville BMO734XL Quick Touch, the Westinghouse WCM11100SSB 1000 W, the Frigidaire FFCMO724LB and the Kenmore 0.9 cubic foot countertop microwave.

The Panasonic 1200W countertop microwave is rated the best of its kind, featuring inverter- and sensor-controlled technology that cooks food evenly. Sensors help to prevent food from being over- or under-cooked.

The Breville BMO734XL Quick Touch is praised for its Smart Button technology that enables automatic adjusting of cooking times and temperatures. Reviewers are less positive about the power-adjusting dial because it was less convenient.

BestReviews.com rates the Westinghouse WCM11100SSB 1000 W microwave as the ideal choice for families or for people who use a microwave frequently for cooking. It features a spacious interior and special buttons for making popcorn, frozen food and warm beverages. Reviewers complain about its large size, which may be inconvenient for smaller kitchens.

The Frigidaire FFCMO724LB is a good choice for those who prefer a smaller microwave with convenient features. Reviewers like its affordable price and value and features that include quick defrost and automatic cooking for vegetables. The downside is a shorter-than-average power cord and the microwave's tendency to slip when opening the door.

The Kenmore 0.9 cubic foot countertop microwave is mid-sized and features quiet, easy-to-use settings. Reviewers praise its affordability, style and efficiency, with power levels and cooking times that can be customized and saved. One drawback is that the push-button door release has a tendency to stick.