Where Can You Find Reviews for Shark Vacuums?

ConsumerReviews.org has user reviews for many Shark vacuums. Reviews include a list of pros and cons, the best uses for the product, comments about the product, and information about how long the users have owned the product. Amazon.com also has user reviews available. Users can find reviews for more Shark vacuum models here than on ConsumerReviews.org. For example, as of September 2015, Amazon.com had over 4,400 user reviews of the Shark Navigator lift-away professional upright, which is model no. NV356E.

On ConsumerReviews.org, users can rate the product on a scale from one to five. The website also has a general overview of the product, photos of the product, information about its features and specs, and information about prices and stores when one can buy the product. However, users have a limited access to reviews unless they subscribe. Subscribed users can also view information about brand reliability and product ratings.

On Amazon.com, users can usually find a very detailed description of the product, a list of all product features and many reviews of the product. Users can also ask questions about the product and see its rankings. For some models, users can view information on how the model compares to the other ones.