Where Can You Find Reviews for MyPillow?

Users can find reviews for MyPillow on Consumer Affairs, BBB, Mirzaians Chiropractic and Amazon.com. Consumer Affairs has a detailed article reviewing a MyPillow. The article evaluates the product's features, price and level of comfort. It also presents a general impression of the product and some advice about pillows from a professional.

As of September 2015, Amazon.com has over 1,100 customer reviews for the travel-sized MyPillow. Aside from reviews, visitors can view product ratings and ranks among other pillows or home products. For each product, consumers can view a description of the product, a complete list of its features and information about prices, warranty and shipping cost. Users can also view pictures of the product.

Mirzaians Chiropractic has a MyPillow review by a certified chiropractor. He had used the pillow for 14 nights in a row before writing the review.

BBB is a website that hosts reviews of companies, including MyPillow. User reviews include comments about the quality of the pillow and their interactions with the company, such as experiences with returns and deliveries. The website also features user complaints, which are categorized in sections by complaint type. There are two diagrams that show average customer experience and the percentage of the reviewers who recommend the business.