Where Can You Find Reviews of LG Appliances?


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Reviews of LG appliances can be found online on the Lowes, Best Buy, CNET Magazine and Consumer Affairs websites. Both Lowes and Best Buy have thousands of reviews on home appliances, as of 2015. CNET has fewer but ample reviews on appliances. Consumer Affairs is intended mainly for voicing complaints.

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The majority of reviews of GE appliances on both Best Buy and Lowes are positive, and cover mostly kitchen and laundry appliances. A pleasant appearance and customer service are often cited as positives. Many complaints involve design-related issues, such as the water filler tubes in the ice-maker that are hard to get around or crisper drawers that don't slide out far enough.

The reviews on CNET are prepared by professional writers based on testing or evaluations by CNET. The reviews are generally positive, particularly for kitchen and laundry appliances, as of 2015. Energy efficiency and an attractive appearance are often mentioned. Reviews of other appliances, such as phones and other technology products, are mixed but mostly favorable.

Consumer Affairs, a site primarily intended for leaving complaints and negative reviews about products, lists a number of complaints about LG refrigerators, televisions and cell phones. Common complaints about refrigerators include compressor failures, leaks, faulty control panels and poor customer service, as of 2015.

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