Where Can You Find Reviews on LG Appliances?

Where Can You Find Reviews on LG Appliances?

Reviews on LG appliances can be found on the official LG website, Measured Up, Lowes, Best Buy, CNET Magazine and Consumer Affairs. Other business websites, such as Reviewed.com, also provide expert reviews for specific LG appliances.

The official LG website provides both expert and consumer reviews for nearly all appliances. Majority of consumer reviews for LG appliances on the official website tend to positive. Many customers rate the appliances as awesome, easy to use, performing optimally and boasting attractive designs and styles. The expert reviews on the official LG website provide detailed information on the top-rated LG appliances. Some of the most reviewed appliances are the best refrigerators, oven ranges and load washers.

Measured Up is a business website that allows customers to post reviews and complaints about various products. The site provides numerous reviews from customers who have bought and used different LG appliances. Most customers provide information about the problems they have experienced with different LG appliances. Consumer Affairs is similar to Measured Up, as customers provide reviews based on their experience with different LG appliances.

The majority of reviews of GE appliances on both Best Buy and Lowes are positive, and cover mostly kitchen and laundry appliances. A pleasant appearance and customer service are often cited as positives. Many complaints involve design-related issues, such as the water filler tubes in the ice-maker that are hard to get around or crisper drawers that don't slide out far enough.

The reviews on CNET are prepared by professional writers based on testing or evaluations by CNET. The reviews are generally positive, particularly for kitchen and laundry appliances, as of 2015. Energy efficiency and an attractive appearance are often mentioned. Reviews of other appliances, such as phones and other technology products, are mixed but mostly favorable.

Reviewed.com is an online store that sells a variety of electrical appliances from major manufacturers. The website also provides detailed expert reviews on different LG appliances. The most reviewed appliances on the site are refrigerators, dishwashers, ovens and laundry cleaners.