Where Can You Find Reviews for Lasko Heaters?

Where Can You Find Reviews for Lasko Heaters?

Reviews for Lasko heaters can be found online at Amazon, Home Depot, Best Buy and Consumer Affairs. Reviews are mostly positive except at Consumer Arrairs, a site intended mostly for consumers who want to leave details about problems they've encountered.

As of February 2015 Amazon lists thousands of reviews of over 20 models of Lasko heaters, with an average rating on each model of at least four stars out of five possible. Many reviewers are pleased with the energy efficiency and mention the heater is quiet. However, it depends on the model; reviewers of some models complain of excess noise. A common complaint on some of the taller, narrower heaters is a lack of adequate air flow.

Home Depot has hundreds of reviews on 28 models as of February 2015; all of them except two have average ratings of at least four out of five stars. Most reviewers like the ease of use, while many enjoy the size and weight. Some complain that its heating capacity is inadequate or that it isn't durable enough.

There are reviews of over 30 Lasko heaters on the Best Buy website as of February 2015. Most of the reviews are positive. Ease of use and attractive design is often mentioned. Several people complain that when their unit arrived it seemed to have been used and was dirty or had loose parts.

Many reviewers on Consumer Affairs complain that the heater overheated, with one stating that parts melted. Many also complain of poor customer service by the manufacturer.