Where Can You Find Reviews on Gas Water Heaters?


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Gas water heater reviews are available from ConsumerSearch, Home Depot and Amazon. ConsumerSearch provides a summary of other review sites, while the other websites provide a forum for customer reviews of products.

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As of February 2015, the best gas water heater is the Whirlpool N40S61-403, according to ConsumerSearch. While this 40-gallon unit is not Energy Star rated, it has a quick recovery time and burns natural gas. The Whirlpool L40S62-403 is the same type of water heater, but designed for use with propane.

As of 2015, leading brands of gas water heaters include GE, Whirlpool, Rheem and Kenmore, according to Consumer Reports. GE tank water heaters are available exclusively at Lowe's and all Kenmore products are only available at Sears. Rheem and Whirlpool products are available at a wider variety of suppliers.

When buying a gas water heater, it is essential to know if the home has natural gas or propane. The design of gas water heaters does not allow for conversion from one type of gas to the other. In the United States, tank water heaters are the most common style; however, there is a growing number of users installing tankless water heaters. Tank water heaters heat a large volume of water and maintain the temperature in the storage until someone opens the tap to use it. Tankless water heaters produce hot water on-demand.

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