Where Can You Find Reviews for a Euro Pro Shark Steam Blaster?


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Reviews for the Euro Pro Shark Steam Blaster on Amazon.com are about equal between positive and critical comments. As of November 2015, Amazon.com hosts 105 customer reviews for this product, with 52 being positive and the rest being critical.

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Positive reviews highlight the steam blaster’s ease of use and its efficient cleanup of almost any household item. One reviewer describes how it was used to remove a 10 years' worth of black gunk buildup under the edges of a toilet in her house. The reviewer writes that it took less than 10 minutes to get the toilet edges totally clean. The same reviewer comments that the steam blaster helped get rid of allergy irritants. Other reviewers make similar comments, indicating that the steam blaster cleans very well.

The critical comments focus on the steam blaster's insufficient steam pressure and lack of effectiveness on really dirty grout. Other critical comments state that the steam blaster is poorly made and that it only produces steam for three minutes at a time, which is insufficient for cleaning. Even the critical comments many times include some positive comments on the steam blaster, stating that it has a cool design, that it works well on carpeting, and that even though the steam only lasted for three minutes, the unit worked very well for those three minutes.

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