Where Can You Find Reviews of Electric Clothes Dryers?


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Reviews of electric clothes dryers are available on Top Ten Reviews, CNet and other websites. Each site has a different ranking system, looking at price, features, energy efficiency, maintenance and other aspects before sorting them accordingly.

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Top Ten Reviews states that electric dryers can offer options such as steam or anti-wrinkling measures, even syncing to smartphones to allow customers increased control over their laundry. Modern dryers should be quiet or have noise-reduction technology built in to prevent the process from causing a disturbance. Ideally, they should offer a wide selection of cycles and be energy efficient. Their manufacturers should offer customer service, especially if a dryer has smart technology.

CNet looks at similar features and cycles, but offers some criticism of modern dryers as well. For example, customers should be cautious of options that cost more but do not provide extra functionality, such as digital or touch screen displays. A bonus feature is a delayed start mode that allows people to run the dryer at night when the power rates are lower, saving money. CNet also urges consumers to purchase a dryer suited to their location as well; smart dryers offer a great deal of functionality, but are not compatible with every smartphone, rendering their technology useless.

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