Where Can You Find Reviews on Carrier A/C Thermostats?

Where Can You Find Reviews on Carrier A/C Thermostats?

Reliable reviews on Carrier A/C thermostats are available online on the Amazon, WebHVAC and Consumer Affairs websites as at 2015. Many customers who reviewed the thermostat appreciate its high-tech features, though some complain that it is expensive and hard to use.

Customers commended the thermostats especially for their touch screen functionality and the ability to control it using a smart phone. Similarly, there are positive reviews about the Wi-Fi functionality.

On the other hand, various customers have complained about the Infinity brand. Several said that ice builds up on the thermostat when installed in the basement. In this case, users may have to thaw away the ice using hot water occasionally. Other customers complained of the control being too hard to setup and use, and some people feel that the thermostat is too expensive.

Even with several negative reviews, the Infinity thermostat remains a reliable multi-purpose appliance. Customers use it with heat pumps, air handlers, air conditioners, gas furnaces and many other machines.

The thermostat comes with a seven-day programming plan. It detects and filters dirty air automatically while regulating the fan speed intuitively and is ideal for installation in domestic, commercial and industrial environments.

Infinity provides specialized training to all its contractors so that they may pass that knowledge to the customer.