Where Can You Find Reviews for the Best Carpets?

To find reviews for the best carpets, visit websites such as Flooring.net or ConsumerAffairs.com. The two websites also provide additional information, such as consumer ratings for specific brands of carpets and their performance.

On Flooring.net, go to the left-hand side of the page, and click Carpeting under How To Buy. On the new page, click the Carpet Reviews tab, and then select a brand of carpet from the provided list to view its reviews. Click the Carpet Rating tab to view the ratings of the top 10 carpet brands listed on the website.

Flooring.net also provides other information such as purchasing tips and the most popular brands.

Alternatively, go to the home page of ConsumerAffairs, scroll to the bottom of the page, and click Flooring & Carpet. On the new page, click on a specific brand of carpet to view its reviews and ratings. The carpet brands listed on ConsumerAffairs appear from the highest to the lowest rated brand. To change the appearance settings, click the Sort button located next to the list of carpet brands, and then select a rating system from the provided options. You can sort by the most reviewed, top rated, least reviewed or lowest rated carpet brands.