Can You Reupholster Furniture by Yourself?

Can You Reupholster Furniture by Yourself?

Almost anyone can do re-upholstery work on basic furniture pieces, such as a dining room chair's slip-seat, notes The Family Handyman. More complicated pieces, such as recliners, can require additional skills and special tools.

To perform an upholstery task, get materials, supplies and tools ready before beginning.

  1. Tear the furniture apart
  2. Remove the tacks or staples holding the original cover in place. Take pictures to use as a reminder later, if it is unclear how to put the piece back together.

  3. Add new stuffing
  4. Check the condition of the old stuffing, and then remove it and replace all the stuffing, or add a thin layer to plump up the upholstered piece.

  5. Attach the new cover
  6. Use the old cover as a pattern for cutting and, if needed, sewing the new cover. Pull it over the piece, putting it in the same position the old cover once held, then staple or tack the new cover in place, cutting off excess fabric at corners as needed.