How Can You Reset a Jenn-Air Microwave?


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To reset a Jenn-Air microwave oven, unplug it from the wall for at least a minute. If accessing the electrical outlet is impractical, turn the circuit breaker switch that controls power to the microwave off for at least a minute. Turn the power back on to complete the process.

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Sometimes the microwave has a fault that makes it difficult to tell whether the power has been turned off, such as a blank or non-responsive display and touchpad. In this case, if the electrical outlet for the microwave is not immediately accessible, then reset it by switching the main power off to the house for at least a minute.

The most common issues that require a microwave reset include a non-responsive touchpad, blank display, or a microwave that starts up as soon as the door closes. Other possible issues include a defective controller, defective relay, broken display, dysfunctional power supply or problems in the interlock switches. However, the power supply itself may be faulty. Resetting the microwave is a smart troubleshooting step, as it saves the cost of a service call from a professional in many cases. The other issues often require professional repair to bring the Jenn-Air microwave back into service.

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