How Can I Reset My Circuit Breaker?


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To reset your circuit breaker, turn off all the switches, unplug all appliances, turn the breaker switch on and fix the wiring problem if the breaker trips. If the breaker stays on, check any connected devices for a short or an overload, and fix the hitch accordingly.

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  1. Flip off the switches, and unplug all devices

    Put on safety goggles and dry your hands to avoid electric shock. Flip off all the affected switches and sockets, and unplug all of your appliances.

  2. Locate the breaker to be reset

    Open the breaker panel, identify the breaker with the switch in the center position, turn the switch off, and then turn it back on. Wait and see if the switch stays on. If it stays on, then the breaker is reset. If it doesn't, check and fix the wiring problem, or contact an electrician.

  3. Check for a short

    If the breaker stays on, switch on the lights one by one. If the breaker still stays on, plug in each appliance. If the appliance trips when plugging in, then the plugged-in device has a short. Unplug the device and fix the short.

  4. Check for overload

    Plug in every appliance and switch everything on. If the circuit breaker trips, unplug the power guzzlers, and transfer them to a different circuit breaker.

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