How Can You Research the Best Brands of Washing Machines?


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Shoppers can research washing machine brands by reading performance evaluations from trusted, nonbiased consumer research organizations, such as Consumer Reports, Good Housekeeping and ConsumerSearch. Shoppers can also use the ConsumerAffairs website to learn about recalls and find out the types of product defects, repairs or warranty issues buyers typically encounter.

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While most consumer research websites consider buyer reviews in their ratings, shoppers can also gather in-depth information by reading reviews firsthand, especially on websites that verify customers. Individual families may rank the strengths and weaknesses of their washers differently based on factors, such as average load size, frequency of use and water efficiency.

The most popular consumer research websites usually update their washing machine brand and model rankings at least once a year and clearly explain how their ratings were achieved. For example, Consumer Reports collects data describing how frequently customers need repairs on specific washers.

When using consumer research websites, shoppers should look for companies that are nonprofit, companies that keep third-party advertisements completely separate from consumer reviews and companies with research units that run extensive testing with transparent approval standards. Trusted companies aim to present washer reviews with honest objectivity by eliminating conflicts of interests, such as payments from third-party advertisers or appliance manufacturers.

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