Where Can You Find Reputable Reviews of Deck Paints?

It is possible to find reputable reviews of deck paints in a back issue of the The Charlotte Observer newspaper and in an article posted on ConsumerReports.org. These reviews combine real users' experiences with the products and professional takes on different brands of deck paint.

The Charlotte Observer in North Carolina ran an article in November 2014 entitled "The Pros and Cons of That Deck Paint You See on TV." In the article, correspondent Allen Norwood discusses several different types of deck paint and their relative performances. Readers can access this article online by going to CharlotteObserver.com and entering a relevant keyword phrase in the search function, such as Deck Paint. Results allow readers to click on an article of interest.

The editors of ConsumerReports.org published a review of different brands of deck paint in June 2010. For the purpose of the article, the authors put each type of paint through an accelerated testing period that simulated real-life weather conditions over a nine-year period, which gave them a more accurate idea of the best deck paints for long-term use. Brands reviewed include Behr Premium Plus Flat, California Fresh Coat Velvet Flat and Valspar's Duramax Flat and Satin. This article is available online as well as in the June 2010 issue of Consumer Reports Magazine.