Where Can You Get Replacement Trash Can Lids?


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Shoppers can purchase replacement trash can lids at local home improvement stores or online. Contact the customer service department of the company providing garbage service to replace or repair residential garbage cans.

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The cost of replacing a lid depends on the size and brand of the trash can. Lids for the common 13-gallon kitchen trash cans are difficult to find, and purchasing a new trash can may be inexpensive and less time consuming. Lids for larger outdoor or commercial trash cans are available at several online retailers including Amazon.com, HomeDepot.com or Lowes.com. Outdoor and commercial trash can lids range in cost from $7 for basic 32-gallon round lids to over $150 for domed or specialty style lids as of June 2015.

Most city waste management companies replace damaged garbage cans at no charge if the damage was caused by normal wear and tear. Intentional damage may not be covered. The company’s website provides information on fees and how often garbage cans should be replaced.

To prevent damaging the lid and needing a replacement, avoid overfilling the can, which causes pressure on the hinges when the user attempts to force the lid closed. Clean the lid with a disinfectant spray periodically to avoid stains or the spread of germs. Lastly, keep residential garbage cans away from driveways to prevent accidentally hitting them.

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