Can You Get Replacement Parts From a Raypak Boiler Distributor?

Can You Get Replacement Parts From a Raypak Boiler Distributor?

Independent contractors who conduct installation and maintenance of Raypak boilers can supply replacement parts. These professionals have access to genuine replacement parts that bear Raypak's Genuine Factory Authorized seal.

Raypak products that have replacement parts available through distributors and contractors include heating boilers, water heaters, and pool and spa equipment. Raypak provides professionals with a master catalog, a comprehensive reference that contains spare parts authorized by Raypak. The catalog contains pictures and descriptions of products and spare parts. Raypak can ship any item listed in the catalog after an order is placed by a contractor or distributor, thereby assuring customers of a genuine replacement part.

Some of the heating boilers with available replacement parts in the master catalog include Raytherm commercial pool heaters, above-ground pool and spa heaters, indirect pool heaters and digital professional condensing gas pool heaters.

Raypak has listed some of its products as obsolete, which means that replacement parts for these items may not be available anymore. As of 2015, these products include old models of MVB pool heaters, RP2100 gas pool and spa heaters, and Versa heaters.

Raypak is a leading manufacturer of boilers and heaters and started its operations in 1947 in a Southern California garage. Its main headquarters is located in Oxnard, California.