Where Can You Get Replacement Parts for a Nuvo Water System?


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Replacement parts for a Nuvo water system can be found online on Amazon and Nuvo H2O. These websites offer replacement cartridges for Nuvo water systems that soften water by treating the calcium in water and lowering the pH measurement of the water.

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As of March 2015, Amazon sells Nuvo water systems and replacement parts for them at a range of prices. Both new and used parts are available from a variety of sellers. The website offers replacement Nuvo water softener cartridges that treat water more efficiently. It also offers high performance cartridges that are marketed to perform at a higher standard. A customer can click on a product to view its description, price and technical details. Information about the seller, warranty and customer reviews are also available.

Nuvo H2O sells replacement cartridges for the home, manor and studio Nuvo water systems, which each serve buildings of different sizes. A customer can click on each cartridge to view a description, the price of the product and customer reviews. Each cartridge contains an FDA-approved and patented system for distributing water. A home cartridge should be replaced every six months, while a studio cartridge should be replaced every three months, according to Nuvo H2O Frequently Asked Questions.

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