Where Can I Get Replacement Parts for Maytag Products?


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Replacement parts for Maytag products are available directly from Maytag's website, from authorized dealers and from online stores. Parts available include everything from hoses and filters to engines and internal components.

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If the part that needs replacing is on a relatively new appliance or one that is still in production, Maytag offers a dedicated online parts replacement website. Appliances covered include laundry machines, dishwashers, stoves and cooktops, and refrigerators and freezers. It's a good idea to check the manufacturers website first because the appliance may still be under warranty or may have had a part recalled. The Maytag website can also provide direction on where to find a model number or part number on the broken appliance.

Parts that need to be replaced regularly, such as filters and hoses, can be found in the Maytag store, online and in home improvement stores such as Sears, Home Depot or Lowe's. Be careful in these cases that you are purchasing new products, not used ones.

Used products can be useful for major repairs or on products that have been discontinued. Local appliance repair shops often carry parts from other machines. Online parts stores are another place to search for rare or discontinued items.

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