Where Can You Find Replacement Parts for a Jiffy Ice Auger?

Replacement parts for a Jiffy ice auger can be bought directly from the Jiffy Ice Drills Web page at JiffyOnIce.com. Under the "Accessories" tab on the left of the website, there is a "Replacement Blade" section, and under "Service" there is a "Service Parts" tab where other engine parts can be purchased.

Jiffy ice augers, used mostly by ice fishermen, are a series of motor-driven tools that cut holes in ice. The augers are produced by Feldmann Engineering and Manufacturing Company, Inc., which was started in 1947 in Plymouth, Wisconsin. The company produces a number of products, including ice drills under the Jiffy name, earth augers under the name Badger, and lawn aerators under the name TurfVent. All of these products are sold both at the company's online stores and in retail stores across the United States.

The Jiffy ice drills website contains an online store that sells all of the current models of augers, as well as replacement blade and engine parts. In the menu on the left-hand side of the webpage, there is a tab labeled "Accessories," which brings out a menu that contains a link to a "Replacement Blades" section. This section sells replacement blades for Jiffy products. Similarly, under "Service" and the "Service Parts" link, the website sells replacement motor and mechanical parts.