How Can You Get Replacement Parts for a Gas Range?

How Can You Get Replacement Parts for a Gas Range?

Get replacement parts for a gas range by visiting online stores such as and You will find innumerable parts such as burner elements, drip pans, oven igniters, surface burner bases, burner plates, gas tubes, gas connectors, orifices, valve solenoids and orifice holders.

It's possible to get almost any replacement part for a gas range online. These parts come from trusted manufacturers such as Whirlpool, Frigidaire, General Electric, Hotpoint, Range Kleen, LG and GE.

One of the most common replacement parts is the Gas Range Oven Igniter manufactured by Supco and sold by Amazon. It is designed to fit close to 30 types of gas ranges from different manufacturers.

In addition, Frigidaire elements for gas ranges are usually sold on The replacement part boasts of 240 volts and 2500-watt construction. It is designed to function with two Frigidaire ranges and one Crosley gas range.

When replacing parts on a gas range or cleaning or repairing parts, it's important to keep safe. The gas should be turned off at the mains and all the burner dials must be in the off position.