Where Can You Find Replacement Parts for the Eden Pure Gen 4 Heater?

Replacement parts for the Eden Pure Gen 4 heater can be purchased through online retailers such as Eden Pure Parts Store, Eden Pure Parts, Pure Energy Store and Eden Pure NY. As of 2015, the Eden Pure Parts Store website carries 17 replacement parts for the Gen 4 heater.

The replacement parts at Eden Pure Parts Store include bulbs, filters, heat sensors and control boards. The items range in price from $5.95 for a fan grommet motor side to $96 for a set of three heat bulbs.

The Eden Pure Gen 4 heater replacement parts that are sold by Eden Pure Parts include AC cords, casters, fan motors and PC control boards. The items are priced between $2.97 for a fan grommet and $45 for a PC control board.

The Pure Energy Store website stocks 14 replacement parts for Eden Pure Gen 4 heaters. The parts inventory includes front panels, fan bushings, a filter holder and a remote. The most expensive heater part sold by the website is the $96 three bulb Eden Pure heater set, while the least expensive is the fan bushing that costs $4.98.

Eden Pure NY only carries replacement parts for the Eden Pure Gen 4 heating element. The elements cost $32 each or $96 for a pack of three.