Where Can You Find Replacement Parts for All Appliance Brands?

Where Can You Find Replacement Parts for All Appliance Brands?

Replacement parts for appliances are typically available through the manufacturer's website, at home improvement stores and through appliance stores. General department stores and online retailers sometimes sell appliance parts as well.

For a specific brand, the manufacturer's website or store is often a good place to start. Some websites, such as Whirlpool, offer a searchable database of parts. Customers can input a model or part number to search for the needed part. Customers can also go into the brand store for individual help.

Home improvement stores such as Home Depot are another likely source of replacement parts for appliances. Customers can shop in person in the bricks-and-mortar store or online. The website also offers a searchable database of most brands. In many cases, user reviews are also available. The parts can be shipped to the customers' home or to the store.

Parts Select is an online store that specializes in appliance parts. The site features several appliance brands and part types. Customers can also search by part length and material. Sears Parts Direct is another website with a searchable database. Sears even shows users how to locate the model number on the appliance sticker.

A likely source of discounted or used parts is an online retailer such as Amazon. Such general online retailers may not offer as many appliance parts as a specialty website. However, some sellers offer a discount on the parts they do have.