Where Can You Go to Get Replacement Lids for Pyrex Products?


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A customer can purchase replacement lids for Pyrex products through the official Pyrex website and the websites of Shop World Kitchen and eBay. Each site offers a variety of replacement Pyrex lids at a range of prices.

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The Pyrex website offers a multitude of replacement lids for its products that vary in shape and size. Currently available lids include the Deluxe Plum 4.5-Cup Square Plastic Lid and the 2-Quart Red Oblong Plastic Lid. A customer can click on a product to view an enlarged image, customer ratings, the price and product information.

Shop World Kitchen also provides Pyrex lids for various products. On the website, a customer can view the product image, price, specifications and customer reviews. The listing also provides information about any special sales or warranties attached to the product.

The eBay website allows users either to place bids on products or outright buy certain items. The website offers various Pyrex products, including lids, for sale from a multitude of sellers. A customer can click on a listing to view an image of the product, a description of the product, its condition, the current highest bid and the remaining time for the auction. A customer can also see information about the seller.

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