Where Can You Find Replacement Graco Highchair Covers?

Replacement Graco highchair covers can be ordered by visiting the Graco website, then clicking on "Help Center" and selecting "Order Replacement Parts." The item's model number and date of manufacture must be entered to search for replacement parts. Alternatively, a number of online retailers such as Etsy and eBay offer handmade replacements that are designed to fit Graco highchairs. These replacements, while not Graco brand, offer unique fabrics and designs to fit any home decor or child preference.

Because children are not known to be the cleanest eaters, highchair covers can get quite messy. After a thorough cleaning, many highchair covers appear like new. The majority of cloth highchair covers can be removed for easy cleaning. It is best to remove most of the crumbs prior to removing the cover. Any stains should be scrubbed with mild detergent. Unless otherwise noted in the highchair's instructions, the cover may be washed in cold water on delicate cycle and allowed to drip dry. It should not be put in a dryer. A vinyl seat is generally not removable, but may be cleaned with dish soap or hand soap and a damp cloth. It is best to consult the highchair's instruction manual to find the answers to any specific cleaning questions.