Where Can You Find Replacement Glider Cushions for Uniquely Shaped Gliders?

Where Can You Find Replacement Glider Cushions for Uniquely Shaped Gliders?

ImprovementsCatalog.com and Amazon.com each offer glider cushion replacements on their websites, as of 2015. CushionSource.com creates custom replacement cushions for gliders based on owner-created templates.

From ImprovementsCatalog.com, select Outdoor Living, Outdoor Cushions & Pillows and Shop Cushions by Style to view available sizes. Click on the appropriate model to display a list of colors and fabrics.

From Amazon.com, type "rocker glider cushions" in the Search box and click the magnifying glass to see products. Amazon.com has some unusual patterns, such as side cushions for gliders.

If the desired shape is unavailable, order a custom cushion. From CushionSource.com, select Custom Cushions and Glider Cushions. Choose a comfort level and click the Start Customizing button in the selected column. Click one of the Template Required options, make design decisions and add the item to the cart. Once the receipt is available, create a cushion template.

Lay butcher paper or gift wrap on the seat of your glider and push the paper into the sides and back of the chair until it lies flat against the bottom. Draw an outline of the intended edge of the cushion. Cut out the template, folding it in half with sides together to ensure symmetry. Verify the piece's accuracy by setting it in place on the seat. Search for "Label Your Template" and follow the Cushion Source labeling and shipping instructions.