Where Can You Find Replacement Fan Motors?


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Replacement fan motors can be found at a number of online retailers such as Grainger and Global Industrial. These two companies, along with many others, sell various small electric motors for household appliances, such as fans and blowers.

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Fans typically use small electric motors to spin their blades. These small motors can eventually wear out and break, but there are a number of online retailers, such as Johnstone Supply, that sell replacement motors to fit almost any fan.

Grainger sells a large variety of electric HVAC motors that are designed for various appliances directly from their online store, as well as at Grainger Branch locations throughout the United States. These motors simply plug into a wall outlet and come in various sizes and power outputs. It is important to determine the diameter and power of the previous fan motor before buying a new one, because if the new motor is too powerful it will damage the fan, but if it is too weak then the fan will not perform its function.

Similar to Grainger, other companies, such as Global Industrial, sell replacement appliance motors online. If an individual is unsure of what type of motor they need for their fan, they should take the fan into a local appliance shop to get professional guidance.

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