Can You Replace the Shower Stall in an RV Yourself?


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It is possible to replace the shower stall in the RV. First, consult the manufacturer involved with the RV to discover the area of the shower access board.

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Then, turn off the water supply to the RV. Disconnect the city water hose, and uproot the breaker to the 12-volt water pump to be sure it does not work. Remove the entrance board. Disconnect the previous shower, the vacuum breaker, and the pipes. Remove the previous shower and be careful with the pipes and the waste apparatuses.

The shower may be held up by trim around the front, or by sections securing it to the dividers. There may be a twofold sided glue cushion between the underside of the shower skillet, and there may be concealed latches behind a mirror or rack. Use the measuring tape to record the right measurements of the fenced in area dividers. Buy a substitution from an RV-supply store or a home-change distribution center. Often, there will be little contrast in weight between a family unit shower and one fabricated for an RV establishment; the measurements are the most important factor.

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