How Can You Replace a Shower Drain?


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The process of replacing a shower drain involves removing the old drain and gasket, placing the new drain and gasket in the floor of the tub or shower before using plumber's putty or silicone to form a new seal and then tightening the drain in place. After completing the installation, test the new drain for leaks and to ensure proper operation.

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After removing a compression-type shower drain, install the new drain into the base of the shower. Remove the pan, and cut the drain pipe to the proper length. Position the drain pipe approximately 1 inch below the lip of the drain. Apply plumber's putty or a silicone sealant to the top ring of the drain, and tighten the drain before removing any excess. Replace the shower base, and fit the rubber gasket over the drain pipe. Test the operation of the drain once the putty or silicone is dry.

When replacing a glue-on drain, ensure the bottom part of the drain fits the pipe, and check set the shower base into place to ensure the proper height before applying glue. Install the drain onto the base first, or apply glue to the bottom part of the pipe before tightening the top flange. Use putty or silicone on the top flange, and install the washer underneath the shower base to ensure a tight seal.

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