How Can You Replace the Gasket on a Nutri Bullet?


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First, remove the Nutri Bullet's old gasket using a fingernail or thin-edged tool, then place the new gasket into the recessed lip inside of the blade receptacle. Ensure a proper fit by filling the Nutri Bullet's blending chamber with water, assembling the unit and checking for any leaks.

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The Nutri Bullet's manufacturer makes several other similar products that use different types of replacement gaskets. Ensure that you purchase a gasket specifically for a Nutri Bullet, as Magic Bullet or Baby Bullet gaskets do not work properly. The Nutri Bullet Rx has its own sort of gasket, and replacing it requires a new gasket as well as a new gasket lip ring.

If your Nutri Bullet is still under the manufacturer's warranty, notify the company of your need for a replacement. If the damaged gasket does not violate the Nutri Bullet's warranty terms, the manufacturer replaces the faulty part free of charge.

The Nutri Bullet gasket prevents food or beverage leaks by providing a tight seal between the appliance's blade receptacle and food chamber. With heavy use, the gasket eventually becomes stretched out and brittle, lessening the quality of the seal and necessitating replacement. Aside from damage to the gasket from regular use, the manufacturer also acknowledges that some of the gaskets in its products arrive from the factory in faulty condition.

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