How Can You Repel Cats Fom Your Yard?

To repel cats from your yard, use lidded trash cans, install motion-activated sprinklers, cover flower beds with gravel, scatter citrus peels throughout your yard, and cover crawlspaces with chicken wire. The supplies you need are lidded garbage cans, sprinklers, gravel, citrus peels, chicken wire, wire cutters and a staple gun.

  1. Place trash in lidded receptacles

    Prevent cats from digging through your garbage by placing bags in tightly lidded trash cans.

  2. Install motion-activated sprinklers

    Place several motion-activated sprinklers throughout your yard. Cats that walk near the sensors receive an unpleasant blast of water.

  3. Deter digging with smooth gravel

    Place a layer of smooth gravel over the soil in flower beds and exterior plant pots. This protects the plants from feline digging damage, and makes the yard less attractive to cats because they do not enjoy pawing through gravel.

  4. Scatter citrus peels throughout the property

    Chop fresh citrus peels, and scatter them throughout the property. Cats find strong citrus odors repulsive. Add fresh peels regularly to maintain the repellent effect.

  5. Cover exterior crawlspaces with chicken wire

    Prevent cats from settling underneath porches and decks by covering the structures with chicken wire. Cut the wire with wire cutters, and attach it with a staple gun.