Can You Repair a Washer Pump in a Top Loading Washing Machine Yourself?


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Repairing a washer pump on a top loading washing machine without professional assistance is possible upon consultation of the manual for the washing machine. However, any works carried out on a washing machine without the help of a professional may void the warranty.

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To repair a washer pump on a top loading washing machine, users should first unplug the machine and unscrew or unhook the control panel. Once the control panel is flipped back, they need to remove the lint cover and pull the whole top cover off by moving the top of it at an angle towards you and pulling. Finally, they have to unscrew the back panel and remove the cover to access the washer pump.

The pump can be recognized by its location at the bottom of the machine and its translucent plastic appearance. Once it has been located, consumers need to check to see if there are any objects inside the pump which may be causing a problem. If there is an object inside the pump, they should disconnect the hose connecting the pump to the washer tub and remove the object.

If there are no objects inside and the pump needs to be replaced, users should unscrew and remove the broken pump. A new washer pump can then be installed in its place. It is highly advised to consult the manual for the specific washing machine before attempting any repairs.

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