How Can You Repair Vinyl or Linoleum Flooring?


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Repair vinyl or linoleum flooring by placing sheet-floor adhesive beneath the tear or raised seams in the flooring and going over the area with a seam roller. Place books or another heavy object on the repaired areas to allow the adhesive time to set.

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Vinyl flooring can be repaired a couple of ways, depending on the extent of the damage. For instance, small tears in linoleum or seams and edges that start to curl up with age and wear require only sheet-floor adhesive. First, scrape any old adhesive and dirt away from the floor and bottom of the vinyl. Using a putty knife, push some new adhesive into the area, and press the flooring down firmly. Go over the area with a seam roller to smooth out any wrinkles, then set books on the repaired vinyl so the adhesive can harden and set without the vinyl curling again.

More badly damaged areas require a patch. Use an straight-edge knife to cut along the damaged area, cutting out an entire square for patterned floors to make the patch-job less noticeable. Pry up the flooring and remove old adhesive, dirt and junk attached to the floor. Cut a new patch from a fresh piece of linoleum or from an area underneath a major appliance. Layer new adhesive onto the space, and place the patch, making sure to match it as closely as possible to the surrounding linoleum. Place bricks on the patch until the adhesive completely hardens.

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