How Can You Repair Stucco on a House?


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The process of repairing stucco involves removing loose stucco to expose the lathe, installing a layer of mesh and then applying multiple coats of stucco mix followed by a finishing coat and paint. Properly installed stucco is durable, long-lasting and requires little maintenance. Make repairs to existing stucco when cracks or blistering begins to appear.

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Use a hammer and chisel to remove loose stucco, taking care not to damage the underlying wood lath supports. Chip away at the edges to expose the lath, and clip any remaining mesh with a pair of snips or wire cutters before covering the lath with grade-D builder's paper, ensuring a tight fit along the boundary. Fasten the paper using roofing nails before installing a second layer. Place galvanized metal lath over the builder's paper before trimming it tight against the edge of the existing stucco and securing it with roofing nails.

Mix stucco with an acrylic bonding agent to ensure adequate adhesion, and apply the mixture to the wire mesh using a brick trowel. Score the surface of the stucco mixture once it begins to dry before applying a second layer and then covering the mixture with plastic. Remove the plastic after three days, and apply a finish coat. Paint the dried stucco once dried to match the appearance of the existing wall.

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