How Can You Repair Scratched Window Glass?

can-repair-scratched-window-glass Credit: Tara Moore/Taxi/Getty Images

To repair a scratched window, apply a cerium oxide-based glass polish to the affected area, and wipe it with a soft cloth. Repeat the process with mineral spirits, and clean the area with glass cleaner. You need a cerium oxide-based glass polish, mineral spirits, glass cleaner and several pieces of soft cloth.

  1. Polish the glass

    Apply the glass polish along the scratch. Wipe the scratch with a piece of soft cloth, and use the cloth to polish gently the affected area. Use a dry cloth to eliminate excess polish.

  2. Lessen the visibility of the scratch

    Apply mineral spirits along the scratch. Use a new soft cloth to wipe the affected area, and rub the substance into the scratch to lessen its appearance. Use a mild detergent or toothpaste if the mineral spirits does not lessen the visibility of the scratch. Use a dry cloth to remove excess liquid.

  3. Clean the area

    Spray the affected area with your preferred glass cleaner, and use a new cloth to spread the cleaner along the affected area. Continue to wipe the area until the polish, mineral spirits, and leftover dirt and deposits are removed. If the scratch still remains, clean the affected area regularly to prevent dirt from collecting inside of the scratch, or replace the window altogether.