How Can You Repair a Rheem Air Conditioner?


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To repair a Rheem air conditioner, identify the component causing the problem, and then clean or replace the failing component. Common problems with Rheem air conditioners include worn-out fan motors, dirty condenser coils and defective temperature control thermostats.

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If a Rheem air conditioner is noisy, the fan motor or blower motor might be failing. Both the fan motor and blower motor contain bearings that make the AC unit noisy if they are worn out. If the bearings are worn out, replace the motor. If the problem continues, check whether the fan blade is broken or rubs again the fan housing.

If the Rheem air conditioner does not cool, check to see whether the air filter or condenser coils are dirty. Dirty condenser coils and clogged air filters reduce the cooling capacity of an AC unit and must be cleaned or replaced. If this does not fix the problem, inspect the temperature control thermostat and thermistor, and replace any of them if necessary.

If the air conditioner fan is not working, the capacitor, the fan motor or the thermostat might be damaged. Use an ohmmeter to test these parts for continuity, and replace any of them if faulty. If none of these repair methods fix the problem, contact a licensed Rheem professional for assistance.

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